Summary of Mortgage Home Loan Programs offered by IET Capital

FHA · VA · Conventional · Cal STRS· Cal PERS · CalHFA· USDA · Access· 1st House · Construction

PERS (FHA & Conventional Financing)
Limited to: Members of Public Employee Retirement System ~ County Workers, Law Enforcement, and Firefighter
90% Conventional / 96.5% FHA
Personal Loans available up to 5% of sales price
Standard Fannie Mae/FHA guidelines
1-4 Units, PUD(s) & FHA/FNMA approved Condos
Watch “Loan Level Adjustment” fees (FICO/LTV)

FHA Good Neighbor Program
Limited to: Law Enforcement, Teachers, Firefighter & Emergency Medical Technicians
50% Discount off the HUD appraised value
$100 Down-Payment
Standard FHA guidelines
Property located in HUD designated “Revitalization” areas
Must live in the home 36 months
Cannot own any other property

STRS (Conventional Financing)
Limited to: Members of State Teachers Retirement System ~ Teachers, Administrators, and Janitors
80% 1st / 17% 2nd
3% Down-Payment
Standard Fannie Mae guidelines
2nd Deferred for 5 years
Cannot own any other property
1-4 Units, Condos & PUD(s)
Cannot own any other property
Watch “Loan Level Adjustment” fees (FICO/LTV)

Limited to: Owner-Occupants
96.5% Financing
3.5% Down-Payment
100% Gift OK
1-4 Units, PUD(s) & FHA approved condos

Limited to: Active duty, Reservists who have served 6 years, Veterans who have served 4 years and have received an honorable discharge
100% Financing
-0- Down-Payment
1-4 Units, PUD(s) & VA approved Condos
Cannot own property where VA entitlement has been used

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