Janet Paredes

Janet Paredes has over 20 years experience as a Mortgage Loan Originator. Upon graduating from UCLA, she dove into the mortgage industry in 2002. After being self-employed for a few years, she met her Fiance Robert Colangeli and introduced him to the world of real estate. Robert quickly fell in love with the business and began building a name as a successful realtor. Janet already had an established reputation as a businesswoman, but it was her new business partner, Robert, that encouraged her to take that business to new heights by diving into the world of flipping. Together, they became a powerful force. Since 2017, they have flipped over 30 homes, helped others become flippers, built a strong real estate team, opened a Construction company, opened a staging and design company, solidified their reputation as industry leaders, and now extended their services by offering financial planning. Robert and Janet now enjoy the benefits of their hard work and have shifted their efforts to helping others break into the world of entrepreneurship.

Sra. Paredes was a pleasure to work with. She helped me purchase my home and then 2 years later she lowered my payment by over $400. I have referred my brother and 2x co-workers to Janet and she has treated everybody with integrity and respect. Janet is a great loan officer and a better person and I give her 2x thumbs up!!
Mr. Gonzalez
Muy Amable