About Us

About Us

Jacmel Holdings Inc DBA IET Capital is a Los Angeles County based Mortgage Broker.


IET Capital Licensing Info

NMLS #330428
CA DRE #01841520

NMLS #321672
CA DRE#01458128

Main Office Address:
14408 Whittier Blvd, Ste B1
Whittier, CA 90605

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Here are a few important reasons why you should be working with IET Capital:

Shopping Power and Program Choice.

We have relationships with all of the strongest conventional wholesale investors still in business. This ensures that our clients have access to the best rates and the most cutting edge, homeownership enabling mortgage products on the market. Unlike banks or direct lenders that can only offer their own proprietary loan products the unique advantage of a mortgage broker, like IET Capital, is that we have the ability to offer clients a much wider array of products. Because of our freedom to choose which investors to work with, institutional lenders are forced to stay competitive in terms of pricing, service and turn times in order to earn our business. The existence of independent brokers like IET Capital prevents big banks from creating monopolies, which would stifle competition and over time provide less choice and inferior terms for consumers needing residential real estate financing. Because we act as conduits for consumer choice, independent mortgage brokerages like IET Capital play a vital role in preserving a balanced, competitive marketplace for Americans in need of real estate financing. Despite efforts by certain large financial institutions to take advantage of current market turbulence to eliminate competition and reduce consumer choice, the independent broker will remain a positive force in the facilitation of the American Dream of Home Ownership for years to come.

Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Expertise.

In addition to offering low downpayment conventional and government 1st TD loan programs all loan officers at IET Capital continually train and are encouraged to stay abreast of any and all down payment assistance programs available in the areas they serve.

Personal Service Levels that large bureaucratic Banks can’t compete with.

While the “Top Origination Talent” from big Direct Lenders are on TARP funded tropical getaways as rewards for all the great work they’ve done over the last couple years, Loan Officers from IET Capital are returning our customers phone calls, packaging new loan submissions and following up on our funding conditions. We take pride in offering a level of personal service and loan officer accessibility that we feel is unparalled in the industry.

Customer Service Available in Multiple Languages

We have experienced Loan Officers who speak fluent: English, Spanish, Vietnamese & Tagalog.

The team of dedicated professionals at IET Capital has withstood the ups and downs of the mortgage industry by doing little things like working hard for what is in our clients best interest, being honest and putting optimal effort into every deal. We strive to leave satisfied clients at the end of every deal. That is our baseline expectation for client servicing, we shoot to exceed that baseline at all times.

We are available now to help you close your next transaction

On top of the level of service we offer, we work for reasonable fees because we understand that our clients are hard working people that deserve to be treated fairly.

Please contact us directly with any questions, comments or concerns. We eagerly await the opportunity to earn your business.

Some words that describe our team and its members:

  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • Gritty
  • Incredible
  • Unparalleled
  • Tough
  • Persistent
  • Thorough
  • Resourceful
  • Fast