Mortgage Loan Documents Needs List

All Borrowers

  1. Last 2x years Tax Returns
  2. Most Recent 2x Asset statements with proof of funds for down payment and closing costs or reserves (should cover 2x months/60 days — 1x quarterly statement is ok)
  3. Copy of valid Government Issued Identification with picture (i.e. – CA DL, Passport etc.)

Wage Earner (W2)

  1. Last 2x years W-2’s
  2. Most recent 30 days worth of paycheck stubs

Self Employed (or 1099)

  1. Business License or CPA letter verifying minimum 2 years self employment


  1. Copy of Hazard Insurance (All Properties Owned) w/ Cost Estimator
  2. Copy of most recent Mortgage Statement (All Properties Owned)
  3. Copy of most recent Tax Bill (All Properties Owned)
    Los Angeles County Tax Assessor


  1. Fully Executed Purchase Contract